Atkore is an industry leader in the manufacturing of galvanized steel tubes and pipes, electrical conduit, armored wire and cable, metal framing systems and building components; serving a wide range of construction, electrical, fire and security, mechanical and automotive applications.

Our Razor Ribbon® barbed tape is engineered for consistency in structure and material composition, and conforms to federal, state and industrial specifications. All barbed tape products are manufactured from exceptionally tough, high quality stainless steel components. Recognized products include Instabarrier, Detainer Hook Barb, and Supermaze.
Construction of a healthcare facility is a complex task requiring several construction contractors orchestrating the various trades to create a fully integrated facility.

Luckily, Atkore International offers a multitude of solutions designed to make the job easier for the healthcare contractors. We have developed solutions that are integral to how the healthcare facility functions as a life-saving and care-giving facility - solutions that you don't see as a patient, but make you proud as a manufacturer in what they do for lives every day.

Healthcare Facilities


A unique Atkore International healthcare capability exists within our specialty contracting service arm. Within this solution lies the core competency of design/build/install of medical equipment supports and systems; the structural supporting system that ensures operating room equipment is secured properly for fit and function.

Product Portfolio

  1. Galvanized Mechanical Tubing
  2. Structural Tubing
  3. Metal Framing, Fittings, and Accessories
  4. Sprinkler Pipe
  5. Roll Form Profiles
  6. Steel Conduit and Fittings (True Color EMT)
  7. Aluminum Conduit and Fittings
  8. Healthcare Facilities Armored Cable
  9. Pre-fab Modular Wiring and Device Assemblies
  10. Liquidtight Conduit
  11. Flexible Non-metallic Conduit
  12. PVC Conduit and Fittings
  13. PVC Coated Metallic Conduit
  14. Cable Tray and Cable Tray Supports
  15. Fence Framework
  16. Barbed Tape
  17. Specialty Contracting
  18. CPID/ICS jacketed control cables
  19. Innerduct cable protection

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