Atkore is an industry leader in the manufacturing of galvanized steel tubes and pipes, electrical conduit, armored wire and cable, metal framing systems and building components; serving a wide range of construction, electrical, fire and security, mechanical and automotive applications.

Our Razor Ribbon® barbed tape is engineered for consistency in structure and material composition, and conforms to federal, state and industrial specifications. All barbed tape products are manufactured from exceptionally tough, high quality stainless steel components. Recognized products include Instabarrier, Detainer Hook Barb, and Supermaze.
Whether you are looking for the right products, need assistance with engineering or require someone to take care of it all, Atkore International's Solar Solutions are a fit for your project needs.

Our unique offering is customizable to your specific needs, allowing you to deliver efficiencies across the scope of any project requiring mounting/racking systems, electrical cable and wiring, and perimeter security. Atkore also offers solutions for Ontario FIT and microFIT compliance. Our solutions cover the entire solar power spectrum, specifically defined as Solar Photovoltaic (PV) and Solar Thermal

Product Portfolio

The Atkore product portfolio demonstrates alignment to many applications used in the solar system infrastructure. These products span functional areas of mechanical, structural and electrical support, electrical cable and wiring, and perimeter security.

Engineering Support

Atkore's offering includes a highly skilled staff to value engineer racking systems in accordance with job site specific requirements. Mechanical and Structural Engineers are well versed in specific product fit and function, and can deliver an engineered design for photovoltaic (ballast or penetrated roof, ground, or pole mount) or solar thermal system mounting solutions. Likewise, our engineering team can value engineer your designs to optimize the use of components and parts in solar racking.


Atkore solar solutions extend all the way through to racking structure installation. Our licensed specialty contractors perform solar racking install services, seamlessly integrating our product portfolio and engineering services into a total package. Installation by Atkore allows for project management coordination through the internal supply chain to ensure a seamless project execution.

Solar Racking and Mounting Structure

PV Mounting components for ground, roof top, and pole applications:

  1. Galvanized mechanical & structural steel tubing
  2. Galvanized roll form profiles
  3. Metal framing channel, fittings, and accessories

Solar Electric Cable and Wiring

Routing of wiring from PV panels through inverters, controllers, and batteries to the collection grid:

  1. Steel conduit and fittings
  2. Aluminum conduit and fittings
  3. Liquid-tight conduit and fittings
  4. PVC conduit & fittings
  5. CPID/ICS jacketed control cables
  6. Innerduct cable protection

Solar Site Perimeter Security and Safety

Security and Safety for the solar investment:

  1. Fence Framework
  2. Barbed Tape
  3. Fall Protection

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