Atkore is an industry leader in the manufacturing of galvanized steel tubes and pipes, electrical conduit, armored wire and cable, metal framing systems and building components; serving a wide range of construction, electrical, fire and security, mechanical and automotive applications.

Our Razor Ribbon® barbed tape is engineered for consistency in structure and material composition, and conforms to federal, state and industrial specifications. All barbed tape products are manufactured from exceptionally tough, high quality stainless steel components. Recognized products include Instabarrier, Detainer Hook Barb, and Supermaze.
Our vision is to build upon our position as a leading provider of steel tubes and pipes, pre-wired armored cables, electrical support systems and metal framing systems by continued leverage of our manufacturing expertise, customer relationships and product brands.
In addition, we intend to grow our business by implementing the following
strategic initiatives and priorities:

Operations and supply chain optimi-
zation with selected capital investments

Managing raw material volatility and optimizing our geographic footprint and operational efficiency are important components for growth. Our sales, inventory and operations planning process helps us determine if, when and how much raw material to purchase, as well as how much finished goods to maintain based on end market demand. Over the last three years, we have invested in restructuring projects such as reducing the number of North American manufacturing facilities, improving the quality of our products and reducing raw material supply lead times (to help mitigate fluctuations in raw material pricing). These efforts have been complemented by a number of facility expansion initiatives, including investments in our distribution capacity at our Harvey, Illinois location. In the future, we intend to continue to evaluate and pursue similar initiatives where appropriate, but also make targeted capital investments or pursue strategic acquisitions that help reduce costs, enhance our product offerings, enable us to enter attractive markets, expand our technological capabilities and provide synergy opportunities.


New Product Development

By focusing on customer needs to create products that enable faster installation, thus reducing construction costs, we intend to introduce new and innovative products to both new and existing customers.